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Welcome to the Masters in Education (International Masters Programme)


The Masters in Education, also known as the International Masters Programme (Education) is designed to meet the needs of professionals from a range of educational backgrounds seeking professional development opportunities based on their particular individual needs and leading to masters awards. The programme is modular, flexible and wide-ranging. The advantages of studying on the IMP programme are:

  • Flexibility and choice in your pattern of study and the pace at which you undertake it
  • The opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with other like-minded individuals
  • The chance to build up credits towards a variety of nationally recognised awards:
Award Credits
Certificate of Advanced Professional Studies
30 credits
Postgraduate Certificate
60 credits
Postgraduate Diploma
120 credits
Masters Degree
180 credits

The IMP offers the following modes of study:

  • Taught Modules
    We offer an extensive range which can be based at Plymouth University, local professional development centres or a local school.
  • Independent Study
    Independent study allows individuals to develop projects focused upon particular areas of interest (theory and/or practice based). A student works with a tutor/supervisor in developing his or her proposal and in undertaking a project.
  • School-based Professional Development and Enquiry
    We increasingly work with a school or cluster of schools on their own professional development or school enquiry programmes. Schools seek support, taught input for specific projects or innovations they are undertaking or researching.

From this new academic year, starting September 2013, students new, or relatively new, to the IMP are strongly recommended to sign up for our two new modules from the four you need for the PGDip.

The first 30 credit module is Contemporary Educational Thinking (MEEC521) starting October; the second, Researching Education in Context (MERS502), in the spring. In addition you are then open to choose other modules to make up the 120 (for PGDip) required. These cover professional writing, behaviour, mentoring and much more ( please see the full list on this page). The MA can then be completed by undertaking a dissertation in an area of your own choosing.

These two new modules have been created by the IMP team to work together: the first to ensure that you have a complete and up-to-date introduction to educational ideas and their relevance to practice in your context; the second to ensure that you are well prepared, in methodological terms, to undertake your dissertation, often a short research project.

We have introduced these modules to run over three Saturdays with directed study between sessions. This is in response to the fact that many of you tell us twilight sessions after work can be difficult to attend. For some of you following particular pathways, or with special professional circumstances, these modules might be substituted for other options and/or undertaken in a different order. However, for the majority of you we are recommending them as they will provide clarity and structure to ensure that studying on the IMP is as successful and enjoyable an experience as possible.

You are most welcome to discuss the above with Dr Peter Kelly, Programme Lead for the Masters in Education ( IMP). Please email him at  to arrange a meeting or phone chat.


The 2014/2015 fees for Taught Modules and Independent Study Modules (ISM) are as follows:

  • 30 credit module - £915
  • 60 credit module - £1830
  • Dissertation Stage - £1830

Fees are payable at the start of each module. Price is negotiable for groups of ten or more in schools.
You will be invoiced shortly after the start of each module you undertake which makes this a hugely flexible programme, enabling you to negotiate your own pattern of study, usually within a five year time frame.

For further information on funding, please visit .

New Students

Current Students

Students must have completed an application form before registering for any IMP modules. If you have not already applied to join the IMP programme, you must complete either our:

If you wish to apply to have previously achieved learning accredited towards this programme please download and submit the Prior Certificated Learning Form with your application.

If you have already submitted an application form and are currently enrolled on the IMP programme, you may now register to attend up to two modules per academic term. To do this, please complete and submit the following:

Taught Modules 

The modules that we offer through the International Masters Programme (IMP) are listed by interest area, location and term. Please select your desired option from one of the lists below.

  Listed by interest area:
  Listed by location:
  Listed by academic term:

Named awards are offered through the IMP:


For further information about our International Masters Programme (Education), please contact the IMP team at