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Cultural Olympiad and ICCI awards for ICCI 360 Festival



ICCI 360 Festival Awards

We have five awards of £2000 available to media professionals to create innovative content for our 62 metre panoramic screen. The work will be shown during the six days of the ICCI 360 Festival, 13th – 18th September 2010.

This is a fantastic opportunity to create and present work on a massive scale, across five screens displaying HD quality with surround sound. This multi-purpose arena has the capacity to display audio-visual, streaming broadcast material and host performance content to an audience of up to 1,000 people standing or 400+ people seated. The theme for the awards is People, Places and Creating New Spaces.

We would like to invite you to submit proposals for audio visual work which really explores the potential of this panoramic arena. We are particularly interested in interactive work and ideas which use the encompassing arena to portray multiple narratives or transport the audience into other environments. You may have existing work which you think can be adapted for five screens or you may like to create new work.

The ICCI 360 Festival is the first of several festival events in the South West leading up to the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. The concept behind the festival is to rekindle the spirit of the touring panorama, immersing and engaging audiences in stories, visual and audio delights. The September programme boasts a range of international new media artworks, historical archive projects, concerts, performance, gala events and workshops, also linking up with the BBC’s Big Screen in Plymouth City Centre.

To apply, you need to submit a proposal of your idea, with as much supporting material as possible, the more the better. The deadline for applications is the 4th June. Successful applicants will have until the 26th July to complete their work. Applications should be sent to: Innovation for the Creative & Cultural Industries, Rooms 209-210 Smeaton Bldg, University of Plymouth, Drakes Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA.   e: t: +44 (0)1752 585060

Technical Information

1. Any number of examples per person; image, video, audio or performance projects. Maximum duration is not defined but items of 3 to 10 minutes are normally acceptable, short excerpts from longer videos are accepted. If you wish to provide content which is outside these parameters please discuss this with us.

2. Resolution:

· Panoramic Photographs: (9600x1080) photographs or multiples of (5 x 1920 x 1080) images of different resolution or format are acceptable but please discuss with us first.

· Videos: (9600 x 1080) or (5120 x 768) or multiple images @ 1080 or 768. Again, if you wish to work outside these parameters please discuss this with us first.

3. Image format: JPEG

4. Video formats: preferably uncompressed QuickTime movies in five separate files. For example a panoramic film made at 5210 x 768 would be sliced into five 1024 x 768 files.

5. If compression is necessary for video files then use Quick Time h.264 compressor, set everything to high quality, 100% and set a key frame for every frame.

6. Video should be at a frame rate: ideally 30fps but other fps acceptable.

7. Audio: stereo wav files are ideal; however you may have created a sound piece in 6.1 in which case you would need to save as 3 separate stereo Wavs. These would need to be flattened to 1) as front & left, 2) as mid & right, 3) as back & right.

Please note: Terms & Conditions of the open call for submission of content for the ICCI 360 Festival.

All work submitted should include the following information:
Your name, home/business address, e-mail address, Telephone number including national code, Title of work, location & date produced, File type/ size/ compression, short description, duration and any further information. Content can be submitted by individuals; small groups; partnerships or companies.

ICCI and the University of Plymouth will not be held liable for any eventuality arising from the presentation of any media material.

ICCI does not guarantee that any submissions will be shown at the ICCI 360 Festival in September 2010. All work will be submitted to a curatorial panel. The decisions of the panel will be final. Creators will be informed if their work is accepted for presentation and ICCI will normally inform the creator of the date & time of the presentation.

Please do not send original material, ensure you retain a copy, submissions will not be returned. ICCI does not accept responsibility for undelivered or lost content.

Creators should avoid including commercial branding within the body of their content and should not include the names, brands or logos of commercial sponsors in the title sequences. Sponsorship, logos & branding could be included in promotional material, please discuss this with us first. You should where appropriate, include credits in title or end sequences.

ICCI and the University of Plymouth reserve the right not to display offensive or otherwise inappropriate material and reserve the ultimate right not to display media content for any reason.

By sending work to us you represent that you are the original author of the submission, that you have all the necessary permissions and release forms from individuals, properties and other owners of dominant intellectual property in the relevant jurisdictions.

By sending content you licence us the non-exclusive use of your submission for the period up to the 30th September 2010. Any other use of the material would be subject to an additional agreement with you.

ICCI reserve the right to include ICCI 360 branding/logos or sponsors branding/logos prior to or after your submission has been presented.