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Ecotoxicology Research and Innovation Centre (ERIC)



The Ecotoxicology Research and Innovation Centre (ERIC) offers a range of internationally recognised expertise on environmental toxicology and chemistry. Ecotoxicology at Plymouth has a long history of world-class research that addresses fundemental questions about the mechanistic effects of substances on aquatic organisms (algae, invertebrates, fish) and other wildlife. Interests cover a range of pollutants (organic chemicals, metals, natural toxins, radiations) and their interactions with the natural geochemistry of the environment (metal speciation, colloid chemistry, salinity, temperature etc) as well as the presence of pathogens (bacterial populations, parasites). The research centre has a horizon scanning capability for new and emerging threats to the environment and the health of wildlife; and therefore has a range of very topical themes (e.g., nanotoxicology). The centre applies its practical expertise to a range of innovation activities including animal health diagnostics, biomarkers for environmental monitoring, the development of test methods for regulatory ecotoxicology and analytical methods for chemical detection, as well as a variety of practical expertise on hazard and risk assessment. The activities of the research centre are clustered around the core themes including:

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Natural Environment Research Council Sub-lethal Effects of Manufactured Nanoparticles on Fish: Bioenergetics, Brain and Behaviour

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Ecotoxicology Research and Innovation Centre

Aquatic ecotoxicology
Marine algae and plants
Fish and invertebrates

Ecotoxicology Research and Innovation Centre

Environmental nanoscience and nanotoxicology
Nanoscience and nanotoxicology

Ecotoxicology Research and Innovation Centre

Environmental change
and wildlife health

Behaviour and physiology
Wildlife health and diagnostics
Environment and human health

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If you would like to find out more about the Research Centre or have a PhD enquiry, please contact: Professor Richard Handy