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Zebrafish research facility

Zebrafish have emerged as an important model organism and research with zebrafish have led to major contributions towards understanding vertebrate development and physiology. The Zebrafish Research Facility at UoP provides an important resource for investigating ecotoxicology of contaminants, responses of fish to nutritional supplements, behavioural studies, and integrating biological responses to environmental stressors at multiple levels of biological organization. In addition, the facility enables research within biomedicine and opportunities for collaboration with colleagues at the Peninsula Medical School. The Zebrafish Facility (30 m2) is temperature and photoperiod controlled, maintains stock colonies of zebrafish and generates all life history stages of fish for use in experimentation. Currently investigations investigate molecular (gene expression) responses, physiological changes, and population-level outcomes of exposure to environmental stressors.

Zebrafish Research Facility   Zebrafish Research Facility   Zebrafish Research Facility