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Embedding sustainability into the curriculum


We aim to support and position the School of Nursing and Midwifery as a lead centre of excellence in embedding sustainability in the curriculum and delivering evidence-informed sustainable education.

This work includes evaluating our efforts to embed sustainability into our curriculum. For example one project by Benny Goodman is an exploratory study of the implementation and evaluation of a Community of Practice (CoP) of nursing students in Cornwall, asking how face-to-face and online COPs can be used by student members of a profession to take action in healthcare education and practice to address sustainability and climate change.

Our Health and Sustainability Skills sessions (Richardson et al, 2014) have been evaluated by the Sustainability Attitudes in Nursing Survey (SANS), demonstrating changes in attitudes and knowledge following sessions. The SANS is a robust measure that has been translated into French, German, Spanish and Dutch and is being used to compare nursing attitudes towards sustainability in a number of European Universities. We collaborate with other Universities across Europe to develop evidence-based teaching and learning materials for sustainability in health professionals, and have designed a training tool for educators and healthcare professionals to raise awareness about and develop strategies to deal with resource challenges in health and social care due to a changing climate and depletion of scarce natural resources. Working with disciplines, for example we bring design students into clinical skills sessions to work with nursing and midwifery students to develop design solutions to the climate change and resources challenges faced in health care.


This work (Richardson et al, 2014) won the Green Gown 2014 Awards in the Courses and Learning category.

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