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Theoretical & Computational Neuroscience


Theoretical & Computational Neuroscience

The Theoretical & Computational Neuroscience group (TCN) specialises in the application of rigorous, quantitative approaches, including mathematical and computational modelling and psychophysics, to understanding information coding, processing, storage and transmission in the brain and its manifestation in perception, reasoning and action. Areas of study include:

  • visual and auditory perception and psychophysics
  • sensorimotor control, in particular oculomotor control
  • mathematical and computational modelling of the cortical neural circuitry underlying perception, attention,learning and memory, and movement control
Academic staff in TCN are: Prof Roman Borisyuk (mathematical neuroscience); Dr Susan Denham (audition); Prof Mike Denham (vision); Dr Daniel Durstewitz (biophysical modelling); Prof Chris Harris (sensorimotor control); Dr Thomas Wennekers (neural computation).

TCN has a number of externally-funded research programmes and strong international links. It is currently active in collaborating with researchers in the neuromorphic systems area, in particular in the implementation within artificial systems of the computational principles and models of neural processing it is investigating, in particular in vision, audition, learning and memory, and sensorimotor systems.

The work and staff from the former Centre for Theoretical & Computational Neuroscience is now included in the new Centre for Robotics and Neural Systems (CRNS)

Further Information:

Please contact Professor Roman Borisyuk
or for business enquiries visit Enterprise Solutions

Visit the Theoretical & Computational Neuroscience website

Research opportunities in this area:

  • Mathematical neuroscience
  • Vision
  • Sensorimotor control
  • Audition
  • Models of cognitive functions
  • Structure and function of neural circuits
  • Analysis of spiking activity
  • Networks of spiking neurons
  • Neural computation
  • Biophysical modelling and neurophysiology

For further information, please get in touch with the contacts named above. See also: Postgraduate taught courses information