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Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab


Research Directory

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab

Visit the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab website

Researchers in this area:

Dr Tony Belpaeme
Dr Guido Bugmann
Dr Phil Culverhouse
Robert Hawley
Dr Paul Robinson
Dr Peter White

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab website

CRIS houses a multidisciplinary group with interests in both static and mobile robotics and their constituent technologies.

  • Artificial Vision sensing is another common theme in many projects. These include applications as diverse as the
    • Visual Identification of Marine Plankton.
    • Vision for Autonomous Robot Navigation
    • Visual Object Recognition.
  • Intelligent, multi-agent behaviour, as applied to
    • Mirosot robot football, provides an interesting focus for group activities.
  • Biologically inspired control and behaviour is a common theme in much of the group's work. Applications include the
    • Development and study of miniature robot 'bugs',
    • Myoelectric teleoperation
    • Planning and Spatial Memory
    • Time delays Compensation in Control.
  • Human-Robot Interaction using natural language is a strong theme covering
    • Service and Personal Robot Programming using Verbal Communication
    • Concept formation from verbal interaction
    • User-Centred design in Service Robotics.
    • Humanoid Robots 

The group has strong national and international links with both industry and research institutes. It is represented on the board of the British Automation and Robot Association, the IEE and the EU-funded Robotics Research Network (EURON).

The Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab collaborates with the Marine Robotics group Midas, with Theoretical and Computational NeuroscienceInteractive Intelligent Systems and the Institute of Digital Art and Technology. We contribute to the activities of the Robotics Club and run an MSc in Robotics.

Also check our undegraduate robotics courses: BScBEng and MEng.

Further Information:

Please contact Dr Guido Bugmann
or for business enquiries visit Enterprise Solutions

Visit the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab website

Research opportunities in this area:

Most groups provide research opportunities (including MPhil/PhD where available). Please get in touch with the contacts named above for further information.