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Research Directory



Researchers in this area:

Philip Abbott-Garner
Emily Ashurst
Selina Goodman
Professor Ray Jones
Rashid Kashani
Janet Kelsey
Pam Nelmes
Toni Page
Sarah Statton
Carol Tucker
Sonam Zamir


The focus of our work, led by Ray Jones, is on the impact and implementation of e-health, on patients' use of the Internet, and online collaborative learning between patients and professionals. Assessing the impact of e-health usually involves an interdisciplinary approach and we have projects and proposals at the various stages of evaluation from exploratory work, through pilots to randomised trials. 

Examples of recent and current projects include:
We have developed and implemented e-learning methods (including use over more than a decade of webcasting with accompanying online discussion). We involve nursing students through Twitter (@PUNC) in their online engagement with professionals and patient groups. One of our aims is to reduce unnecessary travel and reduce the carbon footprint (see sustainability, society and health).

A major current interest is in dementia. E-health is a strand of work within the VOYage collaboration and you can view the lecture (2015) by Prof Jones that was part of a VOYage/IHC series on dementia. The lecture is on the use of technology in dementia.

There is considerable scope for applications for postgraduate research degrees in these areas.

Further Information:

Please contact Professor Ray Jones
or for business enquiries visit Enterprise Solutions

Research opportunities in this area:

Most groups provide research opportunities (including MPhil/PhD where available). Please get in touch with the contacts named above for further information.