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Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research


Research Directory

Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research

Visit the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research website

Researchers in this area:

Mr Antoine Aurelian
Mr Benjamin Payne
Dr David Bessell
Mr Jared Drayton
Mr Edward Braund
Mr Simon Ible
Mr Joel Eaton
Dr Alexis Kirke
Dr Bethany Lowe
Dr Michael Mcinerney
Professor Eduardo R Miranda
Mr Hanns Rutz
Mr Rodrigo Schramm (Visiting Fellow)
Mr David Strang
Mr Federico Visi
Dr Duncan Williams

Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research

The relationship between the people who make music happen and computing technologies is pivotal for the future of the music industry. The Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research is a world leader in the development of musical research at the cross-roads of music, science and technology.The centre looks into the development of new technologies for music and conducts research into new approaches to composition and performance with the aid of such new technologies. The impact of ICCMR's ground-breaking research has been reported in Nature, BBC Radio 3, BBC World Service, CNN, Wired, Gramophone, New Scientist and The Telegraph, to cite but a few. The Centre has an excellent funding track record, with over GBP2.5m raised to fund its research within the last few years. Converting basic outcomes into real-world applications is pivotal for ICCMR's success. To this end, ICCMR co-organises with Peninsula Arts the annual Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival in Plymouth, which is a significant venue to showcase its research work. "Old and new technology meet in a thoroughly modern festival" (Gramophone, July 2009).  

Our innovative research activity is often featured in the international press. Please refer to ICCMR's own website for more information: ICCMR is a member of the Centre for Research in the Humanities and Performing Arts (HuMPA). Research interests include:

  • Composition, including computer-aided composition
  • Musicology, including computer-aided musicology
  • Generative Music
  • Music and the Performing Arts (Dance & Theatre)
  • Sound Art and Installation
  • Sonification
  • Software Sound Synthesis
  • Interaction and Control
  • Artificial Life and the Origins and Evolution of Music
  • Brain-Computer Music Interface (BCMI)
  • Music and Unconventional Computing
  • Assistive Music Technology

We welcome project proposals in the areas above, and proposals on topic not listed above.

Further Information:

Please contact Professor Eduardo R Miranda
or for business enquiries visit Enterprise Solutions

Visit the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research website

Research opportunities in this area:

  • Composition and performance with the aid of technology
  • Sound design
  • New digital musical instruments
  • Music and the brain
  • Music technology in education
  • Assistive music technology

For further information, please get in touch with the contacts named above. See also: Postgraduate taught courses information