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Planetary Collegium


Research Directory

Planetary Collegium


Researchers in this area:

Professor Roy Ascott
Professor Pier Luigi Capucci
Jane Grant
Dr Angelika Hilbeck
Katerina Karoussos
Francesco Monico
Dr Ana Peraica
Professor Mike Phillips
Professor Jill Scott

Planetary Collegium

Director: Professor Roy Ascott

Within a transcultural, transdisciplinary perspective, the Planetary Collegium is concerned with the advancement of emergent forms of art and architecture, in the context of telematic, interactive and technoetic media, and their integration with science, technology, and consciousness research. The Collegium's hub (CAiiA-Hub) is located in the School of Art and Media, with nodes in Zurich, Milan and Kefalonia.

Currently there are 43 doctoral candidates enrollded in the Collegium, and 53 PhD graduates since its original founding as the CAiiA at the University of Wales, Caerleon. Visting artists and post doctoral researchers are also in residence from time to time. Honorary Members (New Knowledge Advisory Board):

Marco Bischof 
Dr. James K. Gimzewski (Nanotechnology, University of California Los Angeles)
Pierre Levy
Luis Eduardo Luna 
Dr. Roger Malina (International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology)
Ryohei Nakatsu
Louise Poissant 
Dr. Thomas S. Ray (Dept. Zoology, University of Oklahoma) 
Dr. Marilyn Schlitz (Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma) 
Barbara Maria Stafford 

For further information visit the Planetary Collegium at Wikipedia.

Further Information:

Please contact Professor Roy Ascott
or for business enquiries visit Enterprise Solutions

Research opportunities in this area:

Most groups provide research opportunities (including MPhil/PhD where available). Please get in touch with the contacts named above for further information.